This site is to help people affected by learning disabilities share their experiences. By sharing stories and reading about the journeys and opinions of others, we hope you will gain personal insight

Courses through LDExperience

LDExperience is pleased to offer some courses for parents, teachers, instructional assistants and health care providers. The courses are designed to provide practical advice on two key areas associated with education of students with some type of exceptional need.

  • Building great working relationships with teachers and other professionals in the education system, and advocating in a positive manner that builds rather than harms relationships. These courses will be presented by LDExperience Founder, Kathryn Burke.
  • Some tips from LDExperience associate, Paul Reid, on Assistive Technology.

For our friends outside Alberta, please stay tuned. We plan to offer courses via webinars and webcasts. For more information, click here.

What Makes a Good Teacher? A Teen with Learning Disabilities and ADHD Shares his Views

Kathryn Burke is back and writing! In this latest post, she interviews her son, Colin,  about his views on what makes a good teacher. The original question was what makes a good teacher for a student with learning disabilities. Colin reframed that question to include all teachers! His insight is remarkable.  (May 1)

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An Accidental Advocate!

We are delighted to report that Kathryn’s book, An Accidental Advocate, has been on the non-fiction best seller list for four weeks in different Canadian cities! Learn more about how to order this book about a mother’s journey with her exceptional son, and to see some reviews of the book. The book is also available in eBook format in a number of formats via Smashwords (ePub, Kindle – mobi, pdf, LRF). Click here to be redirected to the Smashwords site to download the book for your e-reader!

 Watch the video book trailer profiling An Accidental Advocate: A Mother’s Journey with Her Exceptional Son.

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