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If We Can Put a Man on the Moon, Why Haven’t We Achieved Excellence in Special Education? By Kathryn Burke

Posted in Kathryn's Column on November 22nd, 2010 by Kathryn Burke – 1 Comment

Last week, I attended the public board meeting for our school district. It was the first business meeting since the election of a new slate of trustees. My purpose for attending the public board meeting was to speak in favor of the motion to create a board special education task force. Based on the campaign […]

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What does shoe size or average yearly temperature have to do with accommodations for learning disabilities? By Kathryn Burke

Posted in Kathryn's Column on November 4th, 2010 by Kathryn Burke – Be the first to comment

We are obsessed with being fair. It begins at an early age. The issue of fairness permeates our laws. It punctuates playground commentary. All of us have heard arguments among children that begins with, “You are not being F-A-I-R!” with a strong inflection on the final R. We have heard politicians exclaim, “We need to […]

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