I am a fortunate woman by Kathryn Burke

Sixteen years ago today, our family was blessed with an early Christmas prize. Weighing just slightly less than nine pounds (4.1 kilograms for those who think in metric), our son defined that wonderful Christmas for us so many years ago! He now towers above me. I see a slight shadow around his jaw, chin and upper lip.  When I look at him, no longer do I observe a boy but an emerging young man. As time seems to accelerate forward, I see his younger brother similarly taking definitive steps towards adulthood. It feels like it was minutes ago that they were both babies.

Like parents around the world, I want our sons to grow up to be a happy and healthy people.  I want them to hold the values of integrity, honesty and charity within their hearts. I want them to be citizens of the world, and to contribute towards it becoming a better place.  There is much that I want for our sons and there is little I would not give to help them transition from childhood to adulthood.

That being said, there is some irony in the realization that my sons have ultimately given me more than I could ever give to them. It is the intangibles…the love, the awe in seeing them evolve, the compulsion to try to make their world a better place. I am a better person for having had children. I suspect it is natural to feel somewhat contemplative on the birthdays of one’s children. My reflection around my oldest son’s birthday is also affected by the holiday season and the birth of a new year.

That reflection reinforces for me how fortunate I am to have a loving family and to live in a peaceful country. I am indeed, a very fortunate woman.  It is important to take pause and say thanks for that bounty and the many positives that are a daily part of my life.

LDExperience has emerged to be an extremely important part of my life. It is my sincere desire that it will help to enhance awareness about learning disabilities. LDExperience is very much a community effort and the outcome of the work and avocation of a number of people.

I would like to take pause to thank the people who have made 2010 an amazing year of growth for LDExperience. William Radvanyi, our intrepid webmaster deserves special accolades. Denise, Dina, Michele, Dave, Kristin, Michael, Stephen, Linda, Lisa, Peter, Lorrie, Bonnie, Lori, Betty, Marty, Stephanie, April and to the many who commented, re-tweeted, and otherwise spread the word, thank you!

To all of you, readers and visitors to LDExperience, our best wishes to your family from ours. We hope you have a wonderful holiday season, in whatever way you may elect to celebrate this time of year. May 2011 bring with it peace, happiness and health.

Kathryn Burke, BA (Hon), MA is the founder of LDExperience. Follow Kathryn on Facebookand Twitter.

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